Evolution of Shoelaces


Shoelaces are also known as shoestrings or bootlaces. They have always been worn for a very long time but in the modern day they have come to be recognized as a very important accessory that can define someone’s overall look. They are used to secure boots or even shoes and when tightened help to keep the foot within the shoe. Although there are shoes that don’t need shoelaces, those that have them tend to be the most common among people.

They are made of different materials like cotton, leather or even elastic. They also have finishing on the ends known as aglets that make it easier to insert in shoe holes and also prevent damage of the shoelace. Modern ones are mostly made of synthetic fibers while the traditional ones are mostly made of traditional fibers.

Also depending on the type of shoe for example the safety boots mostly worn by firefighters, the shoelaces are made of fireproof material called nomex. This prevents the shoelace from damage by fire.

There are ways that shoelaces can be tied and it is a process called shoe lacing. With the advancement of age came many different ways of tying the shoelaces. Some of them are criss-cross lacing, straight lacing, double helix lacing, checkerboard lacing and many more.

They also come with their accessories too. There are shoelace covers that are found in wrestling shoes that prevent damage to the laces, shoe lace charms and tags are decorative and they usually have the manufacturer’s label and also shoe lace locks that hold together the laces eliminating the need for tying them up.

With the advancement of fashion and the continued change of it, laces have become trendier. Different colors and designs have been created thus indicating the stylish and beautiful way they can be worn. Different designers have also come up with stuff that is eye catching and that can appeal to its customers.

When new sneakers are launched into the market, they also put into consideration the type of laces the shoes have. The Dwyane Wade sneakers new releases is a perfect example of this because the shoelaces match the color of shoes i.e. red sneakers have matching shoelaces while black ones have black laces.

This has made the Dwyane Wade sneakers more presentable and stylish while at the same time ensuring they retain their sporty look. In short, shoelaces have grown from being the previously boring look of black, white and grey into the most recognizable footwear accessory that is a must have for everyone that is not afraid to go bold.