Get There On Time: Available Transportation to Reach Nationals Park on Game Day

In 1971 Major League Baseball left Washington, D.C. or so it seems, because baseball fans in the area had no MLB team that they can call their own. Fast forward thirty years down the road and baseball fans in D.C. are cheering again and they are excited to go out and support their home team. How did it happen? The Montreal Expos got a new lease in life and Major League officials decided to transfer the franchise to Washington, D.C. The team was aptly renamed to Washington Nationals and now DCA airport transportation is required for the team.

D.C. fans did not only get a new team, they were also treated to a new baseball stadium. The new home for their professional baseball players is called Nationals Park. It is a state-of-the art sports facility. The exact location is: 1500 South Capitol Street, SE Washington, D.C. It is just south of the Capitol. The Nationals Park is along the fast-developing commercial district called the Capitol Riverfront. It is easy to find because it is near the Navy Yard.

If it’s your first time to watch a baseball game in the Nationals Park, the following information will help you get there on time.

Going There by Metro
Use the Metro because there is no better way to reach your destination. Look for the Green Line, use this route and it will take you to the Navy Yard Station. When you reach the station, you will find out that the ballpark is just half a block away and so you can walk the rest of the way.

The advantages of using the Metro also include easy parking for your vehicles and easy transfer to the Green Line. There are also different Metrorail routes to the Nationals Park.

Going there by Bus
Use the Metrobus if you are on a leisurely pace. In the process, you are going to see other parts of the city using this mode of transportation. There are multiple bus routes that you can use to get to the Nationals Park.

Aside from the Metrobus, the city also offers a supplemental bus system called the D.C. Circulator fleet. One of the five circumscribed routes leads to the game: the Union Station to Washington Navy yard track. The D.C. Circulator begins early and the service operates 6AM to 7PM.

Other Means of Transportation
Get a Taxi for added safety and comfort. At the end of the game grab a cab from the Taxicab Stand located on the north side of M Street. If you have cash to spare or traveling as a group, upgrade to the next level with charter bus and limousine. Without a doubt it is a luxurious ride, however, the large size of the vehicles can pose a problem when it comes to parking. Secure a parking pass in advance.

If you are adventurous, another alternative transportation is to travel to the ballpark using bicycles or water taxi. Service operators for the water taxi created a passenger loading area somewhere along the Potomac and the Anacostia Rivers. They will ferry you across the river to the Diamond Teague Park Pier. When you disembark on the pier, you will find that it is located directly across the Nationals ballpark. You can walk the rest of the way.